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Snooze Language #3: The Routine Perfectionist Sleeper

The Sleeper with the Regimented Schedule

The ‘Routine Perfectionist Sleeper’ tends to be extremely rigid about behaviors and predicaments encompassing their slumber, and they usually dread a negative night of snooze. If some thing is outdoors of their normal regimen at night time they worry they will not be ready to get to slumber, and their panic about snooze can keep them up. 

Best sleep scenario: Even though you want to comply with proper snooze hygiene (a neat, dim, quiet room is great), having a emphasis on “perfect” ailments can essentially heighten stress about sleep. Instead, do the job to be all right with factors not generally staying ideal, like when you travel for case in point, to help reduce your anxieties. Locate a mattress that’s cozy to you, bedding you like, a dark space.. But really do not be way too tied down to it in circumstance anything variations.

Are you a ‘Routine Perfectionist Sleeper’?

If you solution yes to most of these queries, likelihood are this is your Slumber Language.

  1. Do I get worried about no matter whether I’ll slumber when I vacation or slumber somewhere else? 

  2. Am I rigid about my rest routine?

  3. Do I conveniently get frustrated when a little something throws off my snooze plan/condition and have issues permitting it go to the stage the place it may well influence my snooze?

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